Saturday, September 22 - Saturday, November 3, 2018

Exhibition Period

Saturday, September 22 - Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dispersions is a multi-site, six person group exhibition comprising image-based,

installation, video and performative artworks.


There are no thematic parameters, but underlying the formal premise of the exhibition is a question of what defines a group when significant measures of space and time separate its members. What direct or indirect associations must exist between independent constituents to be identified as a group? How much contact between elements is necessary to sustain a cohesive form? How does the group transform as contact diminishes or intensifies? What meanings are created by presenting artworks in close proximity and what meaning is possible when that distance is stretched?


>>> Opening Day

Lapdances for Landscape by Migueltzinta Solis

Saturday, September 22, 2018

14:00 at the University of Lethbridge in the coulees south of the main buildings.


What does a stone want? What does a lichen desire? How do you un-perform a mining operation?


Performing as leather daddy, Chico California, Lapdances for Landscape is part of a series of actions in which Migueltzinta Solis enacts dominant and submissive power relations with nature. In this work, California gogo dances at various sites of historical mining activity found throughout the Oldman River bank. Posed as a bodily offering, an eroticized “giving back” to the land, the performance brings together notions of queer sexualities, landscape, place and processes of unsettling.

Rhythmic Couplets by Mary-Anne McTrowe

Saturday, September 22, 2018

17:30 at Theoretically Brewing Co.


Rhythmic Couplets is a reading of thirty-nine lists comprising thirty-nine word pairings. McTrowe’s text is derived from Olive M. Wyatt’s Teach Yourself Lip-Reading (1961). The original text compiled thirty-nine familiar word pairs which, when recited, were meant to “train the mind’s acceptance of rhythm in speech” and “readier recognition of the shape in the clue words.” Using a rule based system to recombine the original text, McTrowe’s lists retain the original rhythm, but lose the familiarity. Some of the newly formed pairs remain sensical and mundane while many others are more surprising and poetic.

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 22, 2018

19:30 at Theoretically Brewing Co.


An informal gathering following the opening performances. It will be a chance to socialize, discuss the first performances and the overall scope of the exhibition.

>>> Gallery Exhibition

Friday, October 6 - October 28, 2018

1267 2A Avenue N (Pop-up gallery space)


Opening Reception for Gallery Venue

October 6, 19:00 - 22:00 in the gallery.


An official opening for the exhibition. Formal remarks will be made discussing the exhibition format, program, and the resulting, overall thematics of the exhibition


How is This Possible? by Megan Morman


Megan Morman investigates the formal mechanisms of lenticular imaging with How is This Possible? The black text presented against a multi-coloured geometric background poses both an honest question and anguished demand.


Lenticular photographs are composed of two or more images beneath a transparent plastic film. The film consists of hundreds of narrow cylindrical lenses that refract the underlying images to the viewer to create illusions of movement or dimensionality. Unstable and granular, lenticular images constitute a temporal and visual array holding the promise of transformation with the slightest movement.


Animate Video Works by Corinne Thiessen


Corinne Thiessen’s experimental video collage appropriates kitsch and pop culture imagery as a meditation on failure and the absurd. Working with a wide range of source material--romance novels, religion, yoga, bodybuilding, cults, sex, clowns, uncanny puppetry--the collages engage with mass media to evoke a disorienting everyday, a confluence and clash of social pressures to perform.


Site Specific Installation by Mandy Espezel


Using painting, performative, and object-based techniques of composition, Mandy Espezel’s site-specific installation engages the unique architectural and aesthetic elements of the exhibition venue to explore subjective experiences of “body” and “touch.” The process of installation and subsequent experience of the space becomes a corporeal mode of questioning how touch functions within/without the bodies state. The work sets out to further consider how the increasingly un-bodied state of our technologically complex existence informs/transforms our understanding of embodiment.

Collaborative Series I works by Tanya Doody + Collaborators


Beginning in September and continuing for six weeks, Tanya Doody and several collaborators entered into an experimental collaboration. Aimed at the production of new work in any medium, the project began as a way to consider how social connections made and community formed through processes of artistic creation. The project is ongoing throughout the run of the exhibition and will culminate in presentation or performance by the artists.

>>> Exhibition Wrap-up

Saturday, November 3, 2018 (Tentative Plan)

14:00 at Theoretically Brewing Co.


An informal, round-table discussion with the artists and the participants of Trap\door’s collaborative working/study project “\group”. The free-flowing discussion will focus on the issues raised by individual artists projects presented throughout the exhibition as well as the exhibition’s structure.