Artists Talks with the Gallery at Casa

Artists Talk is a presentation series and social event organized by Trap\door and supported by the Gallery at Casa.


Held bi-monthly, each event will consist of two or three short presentations by local artists. They introduce their practice, share important themes in their work, and open a conversation about contemporary art in Lethbridge. The presentations are followed by drinks, music, and a chance to socialize. 


Artists Talk is an opportunity for the presenters to share their ideas with a critical and supportive group of peers. For the audience, it’s a chance to see what motivates contemporary art practice Lethbridge and to discuss issues raised by the presentations in a casual, social setting. It’ll be fun. 


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Past Talks

Kylie Fineday and Amrita Sameer Deshpande  //  May 26, 2018

Kylie Fineday   is a Cree artist from Sweetgrass First Nation, SK. Her multidisciplinary practice is inspired by her Cree identity, her family and its history, and social issues that affect Indigenous people.New media artist


Amrita Sameer Deshpande  discussed several projects that blend mobile app technology, conventional art media and social practice. Her presentation addressed her recent work with refugees in Lethbridge and a new project working with women street vendors and boat rowers in Vietnam. Her talk featured a brief demo of the app and how it is used to add layers of information to artwork.

William Austin and Nicholas Wade  //  April 7, 2018

William Austin   addressed the politics of image making by discussing the theoretical background motivating his recent work. His talk focused on the role of metaphysics in artistic and cultural production; the critical concept of "mutt" as it pertains to issues of decolonization, indigenous futurity, and mestizo cultural worldview. The presentation was a precursor to his  exhibition with One Night Stand.

Nicholas Wade   discussed his concurrent exhibition in the Gallery at Casa called Study of Kept Light and Other Work. The series of sculpture and painted assemblages on display direct the fall of light across their surfaces to prompt consideration of optics, illusion and the experience of observing a work of art.

Kasia Sosnowski and Lynne Hunter-Johnston  //  February 23, 2018


Kasia Sosnowski's  work focuses on bodily understanding as a mode of comprehension existing at the peripheries of language. Her presentation explored the body in relation to “the self,” while addressing recent interests in transgressive bodies, gender identity, phantom limb syndrome, trauma, shock, and loss.

Lynne Hunter-Johnston  is a textile artist and fibre sculptor. She presented a survey of her artistic activity, beginning with early sculpture work, then moving into a discussion of mixed media fibre and performance projects incorporating screen printing and complex dyeing techniques. In 2019 she will be part of a two-person exhibition in the Gallery at Casa.

Grace Wirzba and Beany Dootjes  //  November 25, 2017

Details to follow.

April Matisz and Jaime Hume //  October 6, 2017

Details to follow.